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The CoffeeFlour global community is growing every day. From celebrity chefs and food companies, to wonderful news about environmental and economic impact. Check this space often to see how the story keeps evolving, and how you can get involved.

Coffee Flour™ a base for Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee Flour™ dominates 2017 Food Trends

Coffee Flour™ featured in the Bulk Bin at Sprouts

Coffee Flour™ featured as “Food 2.0” on Zagat

Coffee Flour™ 2016/17 harvest underway at El Carmen

Coffee Flour™ shows “found food” can have a global impact at TED Women 

Coffee Flour™ creating impact at origin

Dan Belliveau explains “found food” to HuffPost Rise

Coffee Flour™ now being served at major multinational business headquarters in London

Dr. Oz and Loni Love gave CoffeeFlour™ two thumbs up

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