It's time you learned the whole coffee story.

coffee flour® is…

…An agricultural innovation with the potential to do some really great things for the world. And we don’t just mean the food world.


Each year the billions of coffee beans that eventually make their way into the Americanos, lattes, and no-foam, extra-hot, triple-shot cappuccinos of the world are harvested by milling and extracting them from the coffee plant. The surrounding fruit, is discarded. It often gets dumped into rivers or left to rot in heaps. So we invented something better to do with it. Something that’s better for everyone.


For farmers and families in coffee growing countries, it will create sustainable jobs and a new revenue source for some of the poorest areas of the world. For the environment, it will remove botanical waste from streams and soil, strengthening the land and lives of the people and species there. And for the rest of us, it will add a nutritious and distinctly flavorful ingredient to the global menu.


We have a passion for coffee, and for the people, and communities who grow it. So finding a use for that discarded fruit became our purpose. We pioneered a process that converts this coffee byproduct into a nutrient-dense new super-ingredient we call CoffeeFlour® .


What we’re most proud of is that we’ve structured our business model so that the positive social, environmental, and economic impacts will be shared by all.


*CoffeeFlour® is set for commercial rollout in 2015. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

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The CoffeeFlour® global community is growing every day. From celebrity chefs, and food companies, to wonderful news about environmental and economic impact. Check this space often to see how the story keeps evolving, and how you can get involved.

Brooklyn Roasting Company becomes the first coffee shop in the United States to offer CoffeeFlour® pastries

On June 24, 2015 CoffeeFlour® launched a new line of sustainable CoffeeFlour® pastries and baked goods at Brooklyn Roasting Company, an industry leader devoted to sustainability. Crafted by gluten-free baking company, Izzy & Em’s, the new offerings include CoffeeFlour® brownies, cookies and coffee cake; this marked the first time that CoffeeFlour® products were available for purchase in the […]

Dan Barber, sustainable food movement leader, features CoffeeFlour® on his menu at Blue Hill

For two weeks in March, CoffeeFlour® was included as an ingredient in a series of featured dishes in Dan Barber’s WastED pop up at Blue Hill in New York. All dishes were made entirely from ingredients formerly considered waste products. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

CoffeeFlour® steals spotlight at MasterChef Australia

Contestant Rose Adam blows judges away with her ‘coffee flour tart with acacha curd and ant praline’. Watch the clip from the episode here. (Photo courtesy of MasterChef Australia)

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CoffeeFlour® is in production in 3 continents and growing quickly. We are now converting waste into benefit in Hawaii, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Vietnam. But our mission is a global one, so join our movement and help achieve the greatest sustainable impact possible.







Coffee fruit is packed with nutrition. It just so happens that it can be milled into one of the most uniquely dynamic and flavor-rich alternative (gluten free, that is) flours out there.


5x more fiber than whole grain wheat flour.


84% less fat and 42% more fiber than coconut flour.


3x more protein per gram than fresh kale.


3x more iron than fresh spinach, and more iron than any grain or cereal in the USDA database.


Contains less caffeine than brewed coffee. The amount per serving is dependent on the varietal, concentration and particular recipes.


1oz of CoffeeFlour® has 2x the potassium of a banana.


CoffeeFlour® is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Surprisingly, CoffeeFlour® doesn’t taste like coffee, but rather expresses more floral, citrus and roasted fruit-type notes. This is why it’s such an interesting ingredient in things like breads, cookies, muffins, squares, brownies, pastas, sauces, beverages, and so much more. We’ve only just begun and already we’ve had incredible success cooking and baking with CoffeeFlour®. Check out some of our favorites.

Deep Dark Brownie

Ingredients  163g (1 1/4 cup) all purpose flour 34g (1/4 cup) CoffeeFlour® 12g (2 T.) dark cocoa powder 8g (1 T.) kosher salt 311g (11 oz.) dark chocolate, 65-70% 226g (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cubed 329g (1 1/2 cup) dark brown sugar, firmly packed 100g (1/2 cup) sugar 5 eggs, room temp 7ml (1 1/2 […]


Ingredients Dry Ingredients 900g (3 + 3/4 cup) rolled oats 366g (3 cup) chopped walnuts 210 (3 cup) coconut 40g (¼ cup) chia seeds 60g (½ cup) hemp seeds 68g (½ cup) CoffeeFlour® 100g (½ cup) pepitas, pumpkin seeds 57g (½ cup) sunflower seeds (add ¾ cup liquid mixture and add in after initial batch […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ingredients  261g (2 cup) all purpose flour 44g (1/3 cup) CoffeeFlour® 4g (1 t.) baking soda 226g (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp 220g (1 cup) dark brown sugar, firmly packed 100g (1/2 cup) white sugar 8g (1 T.) kosher salt * 2 eggs, room temp 15ml (1 T.) vanilla 272g (2 cup) good quality […]

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